3 Watt Hyper Violet LED - Dual Core Version 2.0

Hyper Violet 3W LED.  It has a no amount of UV light output - which is damaging to almost every species of corals, and damaging to the DNA of every living animal found on planet Earth.  It has taken Steve's LEDs over 6 months to locate a "true" Hyper Violet LED.

This is the best LED to give your corals the "black light" type of glow to enhance the natural iridescence of your corals.   For the best ratio, do not exceed 1 True Violet per 6 other LED colors in your tank, so a tank with 49 LEDs should not have more than 7 True Violets.

This Hyper Violet has 2 LED cores, allowing the LED to accept a 1,000ma current, and output an insane amount of violet light.


Version 2.0 includes an improved soft silicone based lens, that does not degrade over time.  You can count on this LED to last years and years with no burn in.


- Forward Voltage is between 3.3v - 3.6v, with the most common voltage being about 3.5V

- Max current - 1,000ma - Yes, you can run it all day long at 1,000ma without damage when properly heatsinked.

- Luminous Intensity - >90/lm

- Radiometric Power - Approximately 1026mw @1,000ma

- Wavelength- 417.5-420 this True Violet LED has an actual peak at 419nm the closest peak to 420 that we have seen in ANY violet LED! Because this is actually a true Hyper Violet, and not a purple UV LED - it is significantly brighter than any other violet/purple LED we have seen, approx 72% brighter.

- Lens Beam Angle - 120° max

- Primary heatsink star size - 20mm

- Max operational temperature - 124°F or 51°C for periods over one hour.

- Manufacturer- SemiLEDs - the largest producer of UV and Violet LEDs in the world.  They hold the best UV LED patents, which is why there is no beter alternative producer at this time.

 A Steve's LED brand Single driver is capable of running 5 of these in series connection. 


3 Watt Hyper Violet LED - Dual Core Version 2.0

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