Typhon / Typhoon LED Controller

Typhon LED Controller


This is the answer for simulating silky smooth sunrises and sunsets with your LED lights.  Everything you need is included with this fully assembled Controller.  Allows for 4 independent channels of digital PWM dimming control.  Multiple Steve's LEDs brand drivers can be connected to a single dimming channel.  This works with ALL Steve's LEDs LED Retrofit kits.  No Aquarium Controller Interface or any other hardware is required to connect the Typhon to your digital drivers!


This is the perfect way to control your different color LED arrays separately, such as independent control of your blues and whites, or your blues, whites, violets, or your blues, whites, violets, and other exotic colors.  The Typhon can control 4 different channels independently on their own schedule and intensity!

Now you can receive a discount when purchasing the Precision Laser Cut Enclosure and/or the Presoldered Extension Cable along with your Typhon.  Price is as marked.

Package includes:

1 - Typhon Digital Aquarium Controller

1 - 8 Pin Wiring Harness - 6 inch (150mm) pigtail leads (this means soldering your own extender wires is necessary) - can be connected to ANY driver that accepts stnadard PWM (extension wire may be required)

1- Power Plug, 110-240V 50-60Hz for worldwide power input (conversion adapters are available at your local electronics store or online)

1 - Downloadable Manual


Output signals - PWM, 5V or 10V, Inverted or Non-Inverted.

Power Input - 12VDC

Buttons - 4 non-directional menu buttons

Contrast control - yes, onboard mechanical contrast for easy viewing

Screen - 16 X 2 Character display, blue backlit background with white letters

Upgradeable - yes, fully upgradeable via Arduino interface and FTDI cable (www.arduino.cc) 

Memory - Recalls the current programming in case of power failure, replaceable lithium battery (included)



Meanwell drivers - ELN-XX-XXP, HLN-XX-P, LDD-XXXXH, 3021-D-E Buckpuck, and most other LED drivers that accept PWM input

Steve's LEDs Digital Drivers - All models

 SOLDERING IS REQUIRED.  If you do not want to solder, please purchase the presoldered extension.

An enclosure is required to protect the circuit board.  If you would like to purchase a preassembled laser cut enclosure, we recommend this one.

Download our Installation Guide.    Please be aware that the Typhon comes with a 6 inch 2x8 wire pigtail for the PWM output leads that connect to your drivers.  You will be required to solder up your own extensions if you want your controller more than a few inches away from your drivers.  We now offer a preassembled 6 foot long solderless extension, and this comes with the Dupont connector which plugs into the Typhon - no soldering required.  The Typhon comes as an exposed circuit board.  It will require an enclosure whether it is a project box or our custom laser cut acrylic enclosure.


The hardware design was released under creative commons 3.0 BY-SA.  http://code.google.com/p/typhon-reef/ The code is for the basic version. Steve's LEDs latest code is not publicly released.  We are able to provide you with the hex code, should you need to restore your Typhon to factory default firmware.

Warranty:  Every Typhon is thoroughly tested with very expensive diagnostic equipment prior to leaving our faciliy to ensure you will receive a fully function item.  Due to the nature and flexibility of this item, we cannot offer a warranty for this item.  Please contact us if you have a problem - we offer full support for this item!

Typhon / Typhoon LED Controller

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